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OPEN CALL Jam Factory Art Center | Lviv, Ukraine 

Jam Factory Art Center is a new contemporary art organization in Lviv, dedicated to visual, performative arts and music. We stand on values of transparency, openness, inclusion,  critical thinking and responsibility. On this basis art and culture are considered vital instruments in reflecting societies in their structural conditions and responses to everyday transformation. Engaging with the public in these matters implies taking a proactive role in space and time and cultivating a reflective stance towards global and local social processes. We started our activities in 2017 with educational artistic projects and those connecting contemporary art with local communities, while working on physical transformation of old distillery buildings to be open to the public in the beginning of 2022.

We live in a society, where faith in religious and social sense is very important for the majority of people. In the city of Lviv the majority of inhabitants consider themselves as believers in God and nationwide this percentage is slightly lower - more than half. As well, a vast majority of people tend to believe in conspiracy theories in the world or are supporting stories, which might contradict with their faith. In fact, religion is a very important aspect of politics. In Ukraine recently faith in media stories has played an important role in selecting a political party and a leader, believing what the media showed despite the real representation of facts. 

What role does the faith play in modern Ukrainian society - democratic, fair and free from corruption, the one we are trying to create and obtain in the postcolonial transformation time. We are looking to receive applications from artistic theatre directors, who would like to dive deeper into the discovery and observation of this complicated and important topic in our society to create a theatrical piece that would receive feedback, and will obtain local and international interest. 

Topics that are relevant to us:

  • Faith as a social glue and as a cultural legacy 
  • Faith in political and other leaders 
  • Belief in fake news and conspiracy theories, faith as a tool for manipulation 
  • What is faith in upcoming time of transhumanism and artificial intelligence 

We offer

  • Rental or/and our venues of rehearsal space
  • Management of performance production, rehearsals and other relevant assistance, which will be discussed 
  • Contacts with the community, artists, researchers