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OPEN CALL ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival | Kuopio, Finland

ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival is an international arts festival concentrating on site-specific contemporary art and performance. Held annually in Kuopio, Finland, the city hosts the festival, projects by artists from around the world inhabit the spaces of public life – homes, shops, city squares, business, forests, lakes – and directly engage communities and audiences in the making and showing of their work. The festival is free to attend for audiences.

Through the 20-year history of ANTI, we have believed in the transformational power of art in bringing people together, building communities and developing cities. We create unexpected encounters in public spaces and through participation, dialogue and exchange, work with innovative artists on projects that explore and disturb urban space.

When proposing a project to ANTI Festival please make sure your work responds to the festival’s focus on public space (including interior and privately owned spaces). We do not show projects in traditional cultural spaces (galleries, theatres etc.) so your proposed project will need to have an integral relationship with the place in which it is presented and your proposal will need to outline where your work could be located. We prioritize projects that directly engage with the festival’s local audiences and environment. 

We strongly advise you spend some time getting to know ANTI Festival before making an application, our Vimeo page is a great place to get a sense of past editions of the festival. Also visit our website:

We invite artists - both individuals and collectives - from any field and practice to submit project ideas.

Possible areas your project might focus on, but is not limited to:

  • Nature as a tempel; spiritual relationship to nature, wilderness and animals
  • Belief in the “system”; in (social)democracy and the welfare state, currently challenged by populism
  • Spirituality without religion
  • Capitalistic, individualistic worldview as faith
  • Faith & racism, class, sexism and ableism - shaping discrimination free faith in the future
  • Vital materialism (the belief that matter itself has vitality and a life) & the relationship between humans and things; challenging human centered worldview

Premiere at ANTI Festival: September 2022

Please notice that ANTI Festival does not have any existing venues, rehearsal studios or other properties, or performing staff. We will rent all rehearsal studios and venues based on the project’s needs.

We offer: 

  • curatorial and production supervision in working site-specifically in public space
  • production management of rehearsals, performances and guest tour in dialogue with the artist/company
  • local networks and contacts to artists, communities and experts
  • PR & communication 
  • documentation

For more information, please contact Festival Manager Elisa Itkonen: , +358 50 305 2005