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OPEN CALL Pod Palmovkou Theatre | Prague, Czech Republic 

Czech society has long been considered one of the most atheistic in Europe. But are we sure we don't need some form of faith? What replaces religious Faith in the contemporary world? Can we live without faith? Or are we creating new irrational deities? Is it enough to live with our faith alone or do we need to share it? Who are the new gods and who are the new preachers? Monetarism? Social networks? A fundamental social change? Truth Wins? Faith can move mountains. Believe and your faith will heal you.

We look for an international production team: Stage Director, Dramaturge, Scene & Costume Designer. We are opening up new opportunities for Czech creators as well and enabling them to enter the international theatre scene. If Czech creators decide to submit a project for our theatre, the condition is that at least one member of the production team is from abroad. We are mainly interested in projects designed for four actors or actresses. The scenographic solution of the project shall correspond to the limited budget for transport on foreign tours. We prefer projects with a built-in story and dramatic situations. Time for production of the performance: at the turn of May and June 2022.

Pod Palmovkou Theatre is one of the leading Czech repertory theatres with a resident ensemble. For more than 70 years, we have been reinterpreting classic theatre titles and producing new titles created directly for our theatre. Pod Palmovkou Theatre is also striving to develop cooperation with foreign theatres – among other things, it has organized four editions of the international Palm Off Festival. Members of our ensemble are mainly from the younger and middle generation and they have repeatedly collaborated with domestic and international production teams. The activities of our theatre were awarded in a number of categories – we received the highest awards for male and female acting and productions, and in 2018 we were awarded The Theatre of the Year by The Association of Czech Theatre Critics.

We look forward to concepts that fall into the following thematic areas:

  • Conspiracy theories and fake news
  • Faith versus common sense
  • New martyrs and preachers
  • Chaos versus order

Pod Palmovkou Theatre offers the following working conditions:

  • Background of a renowned repertory theatre, including dramaturgical and production supervision
  • Rehearsal space and theatre stage
  • Ensuring basic technical conditions
  • Rehearsal schedule, performance dates and guest appearances abroad
  • The work on the final production is remunerated. Good knowledge of English is essential.

Visit our website for more information: or contact us on for consulting.