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Conference n. 1  | WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN?


Conference n. 1  | WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN?

The first conference explored and questioned the faith thinking of communities that cross the life of theaters from all over Europe. It served as a moment of listening and active sharing to create new ideas for the future.

.:: SPEAKERS ::.

• Paweł Sztarbowski and Joanna Wichowska - Teatr Powszechny (Poland)

• Roy Chen - Gesher Theatre (Israel)

• Felix Dornseifer and André Erlen - Sommerblut Kulturfestival eV (Germany)

• Stefano Tè and Caterina Gambetta - Teatro dei Venti (Italy)

• Michal Lang - Divadlo pod Palmovkou (Czech Republic)

• Bozhena Pelenska - Jam Factory Art Center (Ukraine)

• Elisa Itkonen and Johanna Tuukkanen - ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival (Finland)

• Renzo Francabandera (journalist, critic and curator of the event)

​​​​And the whole Face to Faith community


.:: PROGRAM  ::.

Community impulses - testimonies and reflections from common believers from different backgrounds. A peek into Europe.

  • Listening to the community around us.

  • Exploring faith in society: what kinds of faith exist in the community in which we live? What faith declarations do people living around us make (spiritual, political, a flag, a job...)?

  • After a brief introduction, during the morning we will give space to the voice and the gazes of the community that surrounds the realities involved in the project: the voice of the people around us, their faith, their point of view, their extremisms and their contradictions.

  • Video interviews carried out by partners in recent months will be screened; the interviews will be introduced and commented by Renzo Francabandera (curator of the event)

Renzo Francabandera: Journalist, art and theater critic, professor of Aesthetics of the Movement and Body Languages at the University of Turin, PHD in Istitutional Economics at the University of Bologna and Master in Digital Literature at the University of Barcelona. Illustrator and live performer, Francabandera has undergone several national and European cultural projects about languages of contemporaneity and performative art.

Social lunch break

Interactive and sharing space for audiences.

  • Faithful in Art - Impulses and Discussion

  • Interactive work with the public - The European public and beyond, after having listened to the voices and ideas of believers in society, will have the opportunity to get involved and confront each other.

  • POLLS - What do YOU believe in? - A small and instant overview of the beliefs and convictions of the people in the room.

  • IMPULSES - the artistic directors of the organizations will provide ideas to start the group discussion.

  • DISCUSSION - the participants will be divided into breakout rooms, with some questions useful to elaborate tasks, experiences, points of view.

  • PLENARY - At the end of the day, a plenary session to collect the main questions, the first answers and the next ideas for the research that Face to Faith project will cope with in the upcoming years.



The conference took place on 2 March, 2021 from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM.