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Conference n. 2 | WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN? Faith as a Social Glue.

At the Conferences in Lviv, we asked ourselves “What do we believe in?” A special focus of the conference was our modern society and its beliefs. Metaphor - faith as a social glue tells how faith, an inevitable human feature, can connect together in communities, motivate and inspire, bring mutual trust. As well as faith can isolate communities, forming conflicts and distrust, as well be used as a tool for manipulation and abuse.

We invited thinkers, philosophers, researchers, artists, and all interested in the subject to reflect on the subject of faith and look through different lenses of faith. Some of the questions we addressed to speakers and visitors:

▣  What happens when beliefs in conspiracy theories define people’s decision to vote or get vaccinated? 

▣  What can cause faith in politicians without critical thinking about it?

▣  Do we need to believe in a state?

▣  What is a state today and can it be a glue to citizens who have different beliefs?

We believe that asking these questions to ourselves and searching for answers could lead us to better understanding and awareness about what is faith and what its consequences are in our modern societies.

You can watch the conference recording on our YouTube channel: 

► Opening speech “Faith as a social glue” by Iryna Starovoit

► "Conspiracy theories and superstitions as social bubbles” by Svitlana Chunikhina

► Faith as a social glue - panel discussion 

"Faith, Belief, and Trust – philosophical, psychological and socio-political dimensions” by Vakhtang Kebuladze

► "Faith as a challenge of trust” by Yevhen Hlibovytsky