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Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

OPEN CALL Gesher Theatre | Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

Gesher Theatre is one of the leading theatres in Israel. Founded in 1991 by director Yevgeny Arye and a group of Russian artists, who in the pursuit of artistic freedom, immigrated to Israel from Moscow. Over the years and under Arye’s leadership as Artistic Director, Gesher Theatre won a place of prominence in the Israeli cultural scene as well as in the international arena. Nowadays more than ever, Gesher Theatre sees its goal as being a source of integration, promoting social justice and intercultural dialogue, all of which, while maintaining uncompromising artistic excellence and searching for new and challenging theatrical languages.  

Faith is the driving force behind Gesher Theatre. It intertwines with the theatre’s establishment story when a group of immigrant artists took a leap of faith, leaving their homeland in pursuit of a bigger, better dream. After arriving in Israel, it was faith that helped lead their way and touch peoples' hearts even when acting in Hebrew, a language they barely knew or understood. Nowadays, it's the faith in the power of theatre as an agent of change, in its ability to stimulate, inspire, heal, and connect people in a country that knows wars and conflicts all too well, and in a city that all three monotheistic religions call home. This is what makes Gesher's team tick and lies at the heart of the theatre's creation.

We are interested in innovative and challenging performance projects, both in format and in content. Projects that wish to delve into the human fabric of Jaffa as a multicultural and multi-faith city. Exploring Jaffa's urban sphere, from the perspective of the local-specific, its place in the Middle East neighborhood, and the global map as well. A project that liquefies the boundaries between the auditorium and the public space, between the spectator and the community.

The project may have visual, sound or movement emphases, but should still maintain a clear narrative structure with a beginning, a middle, and an end. We encourage the use of multiple languages, mainly those relevant to Jaffa's environment (Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, and Amharic).

We invite international artists, both individuals or groups (Stage Director, Dramaturge, Scene & Costume Designer and musicians) to submit a proposal.

* Good knowledge of English is essential.

* Beginning of rehearsals: October  2021

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Gesher Theatre offers the following working conditions:

  • Background of repertoire theatre, including dramaturgical and production supervision
  • Rehearsal and Performance space
  • Actors from the theatre ensemble (up to 3-4 performers)
  • Excess to the theatre's technical department and equipment (light, sound, wardrobe, and   scenery)
  • PR and publicity
  • Production management of rehearsals, performances, and international tours