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The European Project "Face to Faith" fiercely condemns Russia’s aggressive course of action against Ukraine

After eight years of a war that has cost 13.000 lives and forced more than a million people into flight, Ukrainian people are once again in a highly menacing situation.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is escalating. Russia acknowledges the independence of Eastern-Ukrainian separatist territories. Putin has sent Russian military forces to Eastern-Ukraine, a political act that has already taken the lives of several Ukrainian soldiers.

Russia’s acknowledgement of self-proclaimed “People’s Republics” is a fundamental breach of the law of nations. Sending Russian troops out to these territories implements a course of action seeking to legitimize violent warfare as a strategy of achieving political goals right in the middle of Europe.

We keep receiving an ever-growing number of messages from colleagues who have packed emergency flight-bags, are pursuing shooting trainings, or have left their homes altogether out of fear. Art institutions are preparing to protect their collections from shelling or prevent the collapse of their infrastructure in case of gas and electricity supplies being cut off. Whether Russia eventually attacks Ukraine or not, these developments are heavy psychological burdens on Ukrainians that fundamentally affect their daily lives and living conditions.

In addition to military threats, Ukrainian institutions are facing continuous cyber- attacks in this hybrid war, as well as an information war which keeps disrupting both the Ukrainian and the European public with fake facts and false information.

We, the partners of the European Performance Project "Face to Faith", fiercely condemn Russia’s aggressive course of action against Ukraine. We call on the international community to take a clear stance in this matter and expect the complete involvement of Ukraine’s democratic representatives in each and every conversation regarding the future of their country.

We stand for an equitable dialogue at eye level between all parties involved and promote the peaceful coexistence of all people in every country.

No war in Europe - Solidarity with Ukraine - Peace and freedom for all people in Europe

Face to Faith

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