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The Human Measure: Further piece of the Face to Faith performances mosaic was opened last weekend

La Misura 4
La Misura 4

Two groups of people cross the city together through parade: a group of actors and a Choir that accompanies them with a constant sound. Each action is supported by the poetic word and its evocative power. Performers, Choir and Word celebrate life, the birth of a new hope embodied by a perfect living being, Hope destined to lift the fortunes of an old and decaying world. The parade is joyful, it is a celebration. But something doesn't work, during its triumphal advance the body of the perfect being jams and falls, as if dead. "How do you get up after a fall? How do you cope with failure?" Actors and Chorus are called upon to answer these questions in the new Face to Faith production The human measure | I Yard - Playing a city. Only through collective collaboration can a new course, a new celebration, a new faith, which also involves the audience and becomes a ritual, begin. They are called to transform despair, a fallen body and their bodies into something else, together.

Teatro dei Venti has been working in Gombola with a group of over 70 people, including artists from all over Italy and local inhabitants. The result of meetings and workshops was presented on Saturday 14th May. 

Check the photos from the workshops and opening.