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Q&A - don't hesitate to ask!


FACE TO FAITH: Open Call for proposals
See our Q&A for the Face to Faith Open Call to find answers to commonly asked questions!

Can I apply to several cities with the same project idea?
We encourage you to choose carefully the most suitable context for your project. However, if you really think that your proposal meets the conditions and expectations of several partner organisations, you can submit the same idea several times. Please note that you need to use a different application form for every organisation.

What do you mean by “community engagement”?
Face to Faith wants to engage local communities into artistic processes. You may choose to work with community members, for example, through interviews, workshops, panel discussions or open rehearsals, or even bring them on stage.

What do you mean by “new project ideas”?
We prefer new performance arts projects that will premier in the framework of the Face to Faith project. However, if you are convinced that an adaptation of an existing project fits perfectly to our themes and aims, feel free to send us a proposal on it.

Can I send my application by email?

Can we apply as a collective/company/working group?

When will you publish the selection?
We aim to contact the shortlisted artists by the end of April 2021 to discuss their projects, and to confirm the Face to Faith programme in May 2021.

Can I apply with different ideas to the same institution?
Yes, but to avoid multiple applications, the limit from one author is set at two.

If I apply - would I work only with those actors that are proposed by the partner organisation, or I can work with my troup?
Each partner organisation has different conditions for the development of the project. Some offer contacts with artists, some require the involvement of their own staff. Please read the conditions of the partner organisations carefully. If your questions still cannot be answered, please contact the organisation via email.

What are the financial terms?
The application form asks you to estimate a budget for your proposed project. Please estimate a fee that would cover your work in the project and all other costs needed to bring and present your work in a Face to Faith partner city, you have chosen to apply to.

Unfortunately, we can not give you an exact budget at this point. Based on the proposed budget, we will negotiate on the financial terms with the selected artists.

What should I write in the budget?
A good budget estimation includes: 

  • Fee proposal
  • Traveling costs; how many people your working group includes; from which city are you traveling from?
  • Accommodation costs; how many people your working group includes?
  • Material costs; which materials your work requires and what are the costs?
  • Technical equipment; which technical equipment your work requires and what are the costs?
  • Rehearsal space rental (if the presenting organisation doesn’t have one)
  • Performance space rental (if the presenting organisation doesn’t have one)
  • Possible other costs