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Kaino Wennerstrand: Fixit

Fixit is a show about the European Union. Who wanted it and why? Where’s it going and who’s on board? Fixit is searching for answers to these questions through new pop songs, composed for the performance. The performance is directed and composed by Kaino Wennerstrand, a Finnish artist and writer.

Why is the topic of Faith important (for you)?

I remember hearing George Michael's 'Faith' when I was a kid and ever since I've believed in the both corrupting and healing power of believing in something, be it god, George Michael, or the EU.

What do you expect from the project?

I regard it as a chance to do the best possible work we humanly can, and I hope the work finds audiences around Europe.

What inspires you the most (not only in art)?

OK, I might believe in belief, but one thing I don't believe in is inspiration. But in general, one's family and loved ones makes life worth it.


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