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Kaino Wennerstrand: Fixit

Fixit is a performance about the European Union. Fixit looks for answers to the current issues concerning Europe via pop music and lecture performance.

” After reading books on
NATO, EU, Cold War,
I wondered:
How does theory turn into art?
History -> Beauty???
After all that reading, what should I do?
Give a talk?
But you don’t go to a performance
to change your mind
And if you do, like, if you trust an artist
maybe you shouldn’t vote???
The stage is not where I execute a plan
I’m there to live
I’ll sing, play dead, and answer yr questionsWe have 2-3 hoursIt’s in a pretty conference room w coffee & snacksand yeah, this work is about the European Union ”
Kaino Wennerstrand

Script, performance, songs: Kaino Kim Vieno fucking Wennerstrand
Advisor: Anni Klein
Advisor; guitar on ‘European Woman’, ‘Brain Today’, and ‘Simple Lines’; synth programming on ‘EUROKIDZ’: Murrettumeri (mun mielestä)
Graphic Design: Georges Jacotey

Jussi “verboten” Mäntysaari did the proofreading.
Saara Tamminen contributed to preliminary research.
Production for ANTI Festival and Face to Faith by Elisa Itkonen and Suvi Koivisto.

Arts Promotion Centre Finland gave me some Covid-19 euros for the initial labor.
Special shout-outs to: Eero & Jussi for the endless arguments, Hessuliini for being my only light, Keshia for the total-critical discussions, Melanie Jame for the Brecht tombstone  convo,  Maija  Kaunismaa  for  teaching  me  to  sing  though  it’s  not  on  u  when I mess up, Milja for the view, Olli for the chorus chords on ’Suez’, paskis for life, trans sauna party for a chance to test the songs, Tuomas A. & Sami & Suvi-Tuuli for listening to demos. I’ll never talk to any of  you about the EU again but let’s keep in touch otherwise.


“I’m an artist living in Kirkkonummi, Finland. Last year they gave me the state prize for media art (14 large yesssss). I once wrote about ANTI for AQNB, and in 2020, our artist duo Biitsi’s installation work Hopeasija was featured at the festival. I studied sound design in Theater Academy, Helsinki. I’ve done my fair share of exhibitions, also some performances. I don’t go out much. Fixit is the best work I’ve ever done, no need to check the earlier, off-brand stuff.”



Why is the topic of Faith important (for you)?

I remember hearing George Michael's 'Faith' when I was a kid and ever since I've believed in the both corrupting and healing power of believing in something, be it god, George Michael, or the EU.

What do you expect from the project?

I regard it as a chance to do the best possible work we humanly can, and I hope the work finds audiences around Europe.

What inspires you the most (not only in art)?

OK, I might believe in belief, but one thing I don't believe in is inspiration. But in general, one's family and loved ones makes life worth it.


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