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Alexandra Jakubczak: Herbarium

Herbarium is a project of a performative space designed to experience the qualities of herbs and plants as our healers, teachers and companions. 


Why is the topic of Faith important (for you)?

The topic of faith to me is more of a reflection on spirituality and deep connection to the world. Through exploring nature I want to ask questions concerning the idea and role faith as spirituality can play for us (among other topics).

What do you know about the country / city where you are going to work?

Cologne is a bit of an unknown land for me, but as I am learning more about the city and its surroundings, I can see how my project can enter a dialogue with the city’s history (like its pioneer role in developing fragrances and perfumes) and its present. 

What are you looking forward to in this project?

I am excited to be working with a completely new format and to explore the olfactory world and how it can be a tool for performing arts. 

What inspires you the most (not only in art)?

In my work, I am driven by curiosity, and so the inspirations come from many different places. Right now, I would say I am inspired by the idea of creating sensual experiences for the audience and working with empathy, imagination and senses.