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Neta Weiner: Eifo Yafo

“Eifo Yafo” is an invitation to excavate the ancient city of Jaffa and the many histories encapsulated underneath it, stretching underneath one’s feet, far from sight. Underneath Jaffa’s layered stories, truths, and lies, this show reveals the city as a cosmopolitical capital, and a potential mother. This theatrical guided tour races all the way to antiquity, dives into the Mediterranean and comes up for air in five native tongues. It is a battle of tongues, words, and bodies which wrestles with memory, belonging, and effacement.

Why is the topic of Faith important (for you)?

My hometown is a 5000 years old city which has been the heart of a bleeding conflict for decades. In terms of its ancient history and archeology - it is a pile. layer above layer, truth above truth, story above story. In a place where 99% of its stories are hidden from the eye, Faith becomes both the most burning matter and most powerful and inevitable engine for creation.

What do you expect from the project?

I expect to give the audience a true taste of the life in the city of Jaffa and the infinite poetics, pain and inspiration it carries.

What inspires you the most (not only in art)? 

My deepest source of inspiration is language- being the most powerful tool I know for creation and self expression yet at the same time a potential deadly weapon.

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