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The Human Measure - I Yard: Playing a City

The human Measure - I yard: playing a city

Two groups of people cross the city together through parade: a group of actors and a Choir that accompanies them with a constant sound. Each action is supported by the poetic word and its evocative power. Performers, Choir and Word celebrate life, the birth of a new hope embodied by a perfect living being, Hope destined to lift the fortunes of an old and decaying world. The parade is joyful, it is a celebration. But something doesn't work, during its triumphal advance the body of the perfect being jams and falls, as if dead. The two groups are faced with the failure and frustration that comes with every fall. How does one get back up? How do you cope with failure? Actors and Choir are called to answer these questions. Called to transform despair, a fallen body and their bodies into something else, together. Only through collective collaboration can a new course, a new celebration, a new faith, which also involves the spectators and becomes a ritual, begin.


Dramaturgy - Vittorio Continelli, Azzurra D'Agostino, Stefano Tè

Directed - Stefano Tè

With Oxana Casolari, Francesca Figini, Davide Filippi, Cesare Trebeschi and Davide Tubertini

with the artists participating in the Seminar of creation and with the citizens of the territory of Colonia.

Music - Igino L. Caselgrandi

Costumes - Beatrice Pizzardo, Dino Serra, Teatro dei Venti

Stage design - Teatro dei Venti

Assistant director - Danilo Faiulo






Why is the topic of Faith important (for you)? I live in a world from which mystery is slowly disappearing, but I grew up in a world where mystery still existed. I feel that I have lost something in this transition.

In my daily experience any profession of faith is almost always only intimate, personal.

When faith manages to meet the sense of the sacred and the mystery, it also meets the community. The community is born on this basis. From this point of view, I feel like an orphan.

For me, faith, community, mystery and the sense of the sacred are related matters. And when I have come across them, it has almost always been through the practice of theatre.


What do you expect from the project?

I'm happy to work with a large group of people, which I rarely do. I almost always work alone. I hope to come across a new reason to continue.  And then I hope to rediscover a form of faith that I have not been able to fix or find for a long time. Faith in the work and in the discoveries to which theatre work leads.

What do you know about the country / city where you are going to work?

(only for non-native teams :)


What are you looking forward to in this project?

I seem to have already answered this question (or have I?) I cannot see the difference between this question and the very similar one I have already answered


What inspires you the most (not only in art)?

Rhythm, in whatever form it manifests itself (sound, visual, physical, graphic).

The concatenation of events.