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OPEN CALL Sommerblut Kulturfestival | Cologne, Germany 

Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V. produces and presents a variety of projects from all artistic fields that especially focus on issues of social minorities or social hotspots. In our work, we particularly support and propagate the idea of expanded inclusion. In this way, we want to increase the diversity of the composition of artistic groups as well as of spectators. Through the encounter and confrontation of people of different representations both on and off stage in cultural institutions as well as in all urban spaces we try to test a cultural participation and social co-determination of as many people as possible.

The theme of faith has already been mentioned in many festival editions. We assume that the appearance of faith is a driving force for human culture. This force appears as an integrative and identity-forming motor for the coexistence of societies and the survival of the individual. It can statically preserve traditions or develop astonishing new principles and forms of expression. It can have an emancipatory and liberating effect, or manifest inequality and oppression. It holds constructive elements as well as destructive.

We are interested in performance projects in an international context that bring into focus people and perspectives that rarely appear in public perception or are lost from view in mainstream culture. We are interested in social connections and currents that work in secret and rarely come to the surface. We are interested in people or motifs on stage that we have never seen or experienced. 

We support individual artists or groups of artists to research and work in our neighbourhood or community. We are looking for professional artists with and without impairments, migration history, PoC, trans and nonbinary people who want to form progressive teams and realise their projects in urban spaces or cultural institutions.

We are looking forward to receiving project proposals that fit into one of the following thematic fields: Faith, Power and Abuse / Neo-Paganism / Individualism as Religion / Conspiracy Ideas.

The premiere of the production should be in May 2022.

The Sommerblut Kulturfestival offers the following working conditions:

  • Rental of rehearsal space or studio
  • Production management of rehearsals, performances and guest tour
  • Networking with local artists
  • Contacts in the community, contact with experts
  • Organisation of the venue (cultural institution or site-specific-location)

→ Please also visit our webpage to find out about our mission: