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Guestplay of "Radio Mariia" by Teatr Powszechny in Germany


That's what it's all about

Let's imagine the future. Let's imagine the unimaginable: The Catholic Church in Poland disappears.There are no more religious education classes in schools, no more Polish Pope in public spaces. Refugees live in parish houses, churches are now concert halls (or supermarkets?). Polish people no longer have to be Catholic to be truly Polish. How did this come about and what are the consequences of this breakthrough? Has the church also disappeared from our minds?

That's why you have to come

"RADIO MARIIA" imagines that we are already in this future. That we are making it right now, right here. Together we design alternative models of society, culture and politics. Where are the limits of our imagination? What stops them? What prevents them from being radical? What makes an utopia not come true?

The performance is part of the European project "Face to Faith".


Find more information about the production under the following link: